Car Accident Treatment at Frederick Chiropractic Office

We don’t do a whole lot of advertising of the fact that we routinely treat victims of car accidents or other types of motor vehicle injuries. Unfortunately, though, for someone who has been in a car accident…the pain can be nagging, debilitating, and can last for weeks or months. If untreated, the problem can become chronic and end up bothering you for a lifetime. The good news is, if another party‚Äôs negligence caused your car accident, you should not have to worry about bearing the burden of these costs. A car accident attorney can explain your legal rights and options for how to recover your losses. If you have been hurt in an accident and you were not at fault, a car accident lawyer from Hensley Legal Group can help you build your case and file for compensation in a timely manner, click here to know more.

The human spine is an amazing thing, made up of DOZENS of joints, DOZENS of muscles, DOZENS of ligaments, and therefore there is a lot that can go wrong.

Looking at a car accident like a physics problem can be informative:
If you are in a car accident and one of the cars weighed 2 tons (a reasonable gueess) and was traveling at 20pmh upon impact, then the vehicles have a lot of “kinetic energy” that has to be dispersed. When a 4,000lb object collides with another large object, speed and weight combine to create a lot of energy. If you are in a vehicle then your body is our going to be exposed to some of that energy. When two cars collide then it is a second (or a FRACTION of a second) in which that energy is passed through the vehicle. As an occupant, some of that will be hitting you. No matter how much you see it coming and brace for impact, your body can absorb only so much energy before something fails. Maybe a seat belt will bruise your chest or break a rib? Maybe your neck will snap back and forth quickly, causing “whiplash”? Maybe your knee will slam into the dashboard? Maybe you will have micro tears in the muscles and ligaments of the head and neck? Many painful things can happen. In the physics equation where a huge heavy machine strikes another huge heavy machine, the occupant is the weakest link. If you were injured, that’s why.

So, long story short: if you were hurt in an accident (even if you feel like you are barely hurt), then it’s a good idea to get checked by our licensed car accident chiropractor at our office. We may order x-rays or MRI’s, but we will be able to tell if you need to be treated or not. The sooner you deal with whiplash or another type of collision injury, the better. You may also like to consider seeking help from the best injury lawyers of some trusted legal firms like mike morse injury law firm to help you get your injury claims.

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