Are You Bent Sideways at the Waist?

It’s not at all uncommon for a new client to walk in our door looking like they feel horrible. People limp into our office, hunch into our office, lurch into our office, and have even literally crawled into our office. People often show up with someone literally holding them up.

Usually, they leave walking upright.

    When your lower back has this problem people call it all different names. We have patients say things like:

  • “My back went out”
  • “My back is in spasm”
  • “I slipped out of alignment”
  • “I threw my hip out”
  • “I hate life right now”
  • “OMG do I need surgery?!?!”

The client is saying the same thing in most instances – basically, they have intense lower back pain or leg pain and they can’t stand up straight. Something went very wrong.

Look Painful
I tried to pick up the pen I dropped and then BAM!

We want to first let you know that we understand how this feels. We are humans, too. Back pain like yours is a nearly universal dilemma, nearly every person will experience at least one episode of crippling lower back pain at some point in there lives. Many people will endure numerous such painful times in their lives. Many of them will be driven to spinal surgery or painkillers.

At Park Bench Chiropractic in beautiful Frederick we are really good at figuring out what went wrong to have you bent in half. Our initial visit is tailored to a simple goal: put the client at ease, figure out what went wrong, then address the issue. Your first time here will be an hour long process involving a detailed discussion, a physical exam, and treatment.

We also take care to accomplish another very important goal on day one: establish trust. That’s why we don’t waste your time with nonsense therapies or silly lectures. We are going to get right down to the business of getting you upright and walking normally. Instead of trying to dazzle you with garbage marketing or expensive junk we are going to literally adjust, stretch, decompress, and otherwise work to alleviate your problem. The proof will be in the pudding, as the saying goes.

Eat it.
The proof is apparently contained within the pudding.

So, if you are right now all bent out of shape and struggling to get through your days because of pain, then please do give us a call. We probably take your insurance, we are definitely really awesome people, and we can in all likelihood provide you some real relief.