What We Treat

We Help You Eliminate Pain that Involves Your Spine, Skeletal Frame, Joints, Muscles, Ligaments, and Nerves.

At Park Bench we see a whole lot of people with low back pain, neck pain, and headaches. We rely primarily on chiropractic adjusting of the spine (sometimes called spinal manipulation). When we adjust, we are able to rely on a variety of different techniques, including diversified/full spine, which is the chiropractic technique most people are familiar with. We also use the Activator (a small, handheld mechanical device used to gently adjust), the Thompson drop-table technique, Cox flexion-distraction technique, and elements of various other chiropractic styles. These different techniques allow us to adjust a number of different conditions, using decompression, resisted stretching, manual soft tissue therapies, and extremity joint manipulation. A diverse set of adjusting skills lets us treat the entire body, not just your most obvious injury, and let’s us address your specific issue with more than one approach.

Here is a good example if what to expect when you come in with lower back pain:

  • Your spine is probably locked up or out of alignment, so we adjust it to provide normal joint motion and alignment.
  • Your muscles are probably tight and sore, so we stretch and use soft tissue therapy to loosen and relax those muscles.
  • Your back is possibly weakened or unstable, so we prescribe individualized home exercises to prevent re-injury.

Maybe you have neck pain? The treatment protocol would be similarly outlined. We would adjust the neck in a safe and gentle manner to promote normal motion at neck joints. We would couple that with a home exercise program tailored to you, and provide soft tissue therapies to compliment the adjusting. We work to address not only the spinal joints but also the involved muscles.

We won’t only adjust the painful spot or region. We treat the entire spine, so we will work on the alignment and function of your body as a whole. And we treat the entire body because it all works together as one functional unit, addressing it one small part at a time doesn’t deliver the same results as a holistic approach.

Most importantly, and this is what sets chiropractic apart from other methods to deal with back or neck pain, is the fundamental realization that your body is designed to work pain-free. As chiropractors we understand that your brain controls your body – all the muscles and joints and organs – and your brain and body need to have a clear and interference-free way to communicate. The “circuit breaker” that transmits signals between the brain and the body is the spinal cord. Without structural health to the spinal column we cannot have functional health to the spinal cord, and the nervous system will be forced to adapt and respond to these spinal stresses in ways that lead to pain and loss of health. Chiropractic adjustments to painful areas of the spine are very effective at reducing low back pain or neck pain or headaches, but that is a side-effect of improved spinal health. Adjustments do not get rid of pain, what adjustments do is permit the spine to work as designed and a result of that “assist” which an adjustment provides the body is that quite often your pain fades away.