Chiropractor Gets Sidney Crosby Back in the Game

Here’s a great article about chiropractor Ted Carrick’s success in getting the hockey star back on the ice in excellent form, much faster than other doctors thought possible.

Innovator helps Crosby get his head together.

How much can be attributed to Carrick’s curative ways? No one, not even Crosby, can know with certainty. But he is back – good news for all hockey – and the phenom believes he got his playing life back with Carrick at Life U.

It’s great to see chiropractors of any type getting good press. Dr. Carrick certainly deserves the recognition. Many in the chiropractic profession have not embraced his “controversial” methods, but his adherence of science and his pursuit of clinical excellence are admirable!

Frederick Chiropractors Donate Care to Iraq & Afghanistan vets

The Frederick chiropractors at Park Bench Chiropractic, just north of downtown on North Market Street, have been participating in an International Chiropractors Association program designed to provide free access to chiropractic care for returning veterans. At Park Bench Chiropractic the doctors take very seriously their opportunity to give back to the community. As chiropractors in their thirties, the doctors at Park Bench have the honor of growing up alongside the generations doing much of the work overseas  as members of the US military.

To date, Frederick’s Park Bench Chiropractic has provided nearly $30,000 worth of complimentary physical examinations, chiropractic spinal and extremity adjustments, physical therapy modalities and other services. Their military and ex-military clients present with issues ranging from discomfort during pregnancy, failed back surgery-related pain, numbness and tingling in the arms and legs, disc bulges and inflammation, headaches, and simple back and neck pain. Dozens of individuals, including many from Fort Detrick, have given the doctors at Park Bench the honor of providing care for them.

Visit their website at for more information about their practice.