Cornhole, Coffee and Brewery Tours at Park Bench Chiropractic

Rob and Logan went to the craft beer mecca of Frederick – Flying Dog Brewery – to get some BREWERY TOUR PASSES…15 of them in fact. We will be giving away Flying Dog Brewery Tour passes to bike swappers, cornhole players, and anyone lucky enough to get one on Sunday October 2nd. Get your coffee buzz on with Dublin Roasters and win a pass to get your beer buzz on with Flying Dog.

The chiropractors at Park Bench will be playing cornhole with anyone interested, and giving out prizes all the while.

Check out the Flying Dog Brewery website to learn about their awesome craft beers, and see the Dublin Roasters Coffee website to learn about the coffee shop hosting the Bike Swap. See the Frederick Bicycle Coalition website for more information on the swap. Be there Sunday, October 2nd to take part in the fun.

Chiropractic Helps Swimmers Set Records

Life University (the chiropractic school both Matt and Rob got their DC degress from) has been working with some professional United States Masters Swimming team members by providing them chiropractic care. Quotes from swimmers:

“I haven’t swum this well in decades.”, and…
“This was my best time in 12 years.”

At least two swimmers who received chiropractic set world age-group records.

Original story here.

Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain…most Americans deal with severe lower back pain sometime in their lives, many Americans deal with it more than once every year, year after year after year.

For reasons beyond explanation with just a few paragraphs, most people do not utilize chiropractic care for their low back pain. This is despite the fact that the American Pain Society and the American College of Physicians have both declared that chiropractic adjustments for low back pain is of “proven benefit“. Hundreds of high-quality research studies, published in some of the most prestigious medical journals, have declared that chiropractic adjustments are effective as a treatment for lower back pain, while being safe and having none of the side effects that drugs and surgery carry. In 1994 the US Department of Health and Human Services declared that chiropractic treatment for lower back pain was “the only doctor-delivered method shown to both relieve pain and improve function”. The American journal, Spine, as well as the European Spine Journal, have both declared chiropractic to be a safe and effective treatment for low back pain. In fact, spinal adjustments are consistently found to be more effective than all other treatments for low back pain, as well as a less expensive and all-natural option.

All these facts, and only about 10% of Americans (more likely less than that, actually) utilize chiropractic care.

Perhaps you should decide to choose the safe, non-addictive, non-surgery method of addressing your lower back pain? If you are ready to make that decision, visit the main Park Bench Chiropractic website now.