Looking for a Chiropractic Groupon Coupon?

frederick groupon chiropractorYou won’t find one here, sorry! This is why:

This chiropractic office won’t be participating with Groupon and running any crazy discounts. We have nothing against Groupon as a business, but Park Bench Chiropractic has no use for that type of sale. We get enough new clients by simply treating the existing clients well.

Here’s what happens with Groupon or other huge discounts:

If you go to a chiropractor and you pay something like $20, that means the chiropractor has an 80%+ discount to the first visit cost which is usually at least $100. And of the $20 collected half of it has to go to Groupon for supplying the business. The chiropractor is in all likelihood not making enough to break even. In other words, the chiropractor is losing money in this situation and the only real value is acquiring a new prospective client and recouping the cost down the line.

At this point the problem is that in order to make money the chiropractor needs to see the patient for a certain number of full-price visits after this heavily-discounted initial visit. This puts the squeeze on the doctor, and that type of pressure invariably will lead straight to too many office visits (possibly in the form of a care plan agreement).

At our office we don’t want to deal with that type of pressure on us or on our clients so we don’t do discounts like that.

Chiropractors who do offer these discounts may very well be excellent doctors and impeccable business-people who will treat you perfectly and whom operate their practices with integrity, but personally we do not offer these discounts because we already offer very competitive rates. We also do not feel that pricing ourselves so low does much other than devalue what we offer and confuse clients.

Ask us about our cash payment discounts, or our discounted -or free- care for Iraq & Afghanistan veterans or other military. Since we opened our doors in 2010 we have provided many thousands of dollars of complimentary chiropractic care to dozens of Iraq & Afghanistan veterans.