So…you’re lower back hurts?

Your back hurts?

Frederick chiropractor for low back pain
Look like you?

Here’s a reasonable course of action:

Step 1. Wait. Does it just go away on it’s own within a few day? If so, great. If not…

Step 2. Home Care. Does stretching it or putting a heat pad or ice pack on it make the pain go away? If so, great. If not…

Step 3. Go to the chiropractor. If, after one to three sessions your pain is not significantly diminished and you are not armed with the knowledge of what is causing the pain and provided with a method to address the issue on your own, then perhaps try…

Step 4. Painkillers/Muscle Relaxers. These should “do the trick” if the trick you want done is for a drug to hide your pain and relax your muscles. Just understand that pain is a useful signal and your muscles may very well be tight as a way for your body to protect your back from further injury. But these pills may certainly make you feel better. If pain is your only concern and healthy bio-mechanics and spinal health is not something you care about, then by all means next time just start at Step 4. If drug use for your back pain becomes a chronic problem and your pain is severe enough to be debilitating, then perhaps consider…

Step 5. Orthopedic or Surgical Consult. Not much fun at all.


The above steps are not terribly complicated. Most people do not follow that logical path. Most people do something like this:

1. Hurt themselves via injury or via laziness and de-conditioning.

2. Ignore the pain and continue to hurt or de-conditional themselves.

3. Try drugs to make the pain “go away”.

4. If drugs do not work well enough, skip all non-invasive or conservative methods and go straight to your Primary Care Provider who will probably have no clue what to do and whom will then refer you to a PT (a reasonable thing to do) or an orthopedist. If a course of physical therapy doesn’t make the pain “go away” then surgery is on the menu.


The American Association of Family Physicians, the American Medical Association, and numerous other organizations recognize chiropractic care as an appropriate and safe first-line conservative approach to effectively treat lower back pain (and neck pain). Still, less than 8% of people in the United States see a chiropractor. Most choose the “easy” route of drugs or denying a problem exists. They then mask the symptoms until they are so severe that surgery is the only option, or they just do nothing at all until it’s so bad there are very few options.

Do yourself a favor and if you are experiencing lower back pain, especially if it’s possibly disc or nerve related and is causing pain into the legs or buttocks, go to see a chiropractor (or even a PT or a massage therapist) and treat your very real and potentially very troubling pain in a responsible and conservative manner so that you preserve the useful life of your spine and don’t end up shuffling around when you’re 65 years old and unable to enjoy your retirement because you were too young and dumb or busy or whatever to make a better choice in your 20’s, 30’s or 40’s.

Does Your Kid Have a Smartphone or Tablet?

Chances are they do. And while technology in an of itself is not bad, the way we adapt to technology CAN be bad.

Chiropractor in Frederick treats neck pain from phone use
Staring at that phone will cause problems

Let’s talk about physics very briefly. If your head weighs about 10 pounds, and it is sitting right on top of your shoulders, then your head is supported and your muscles don’t need to work hard to hold it in place. If your head is hanging forward then your neck and shoulder muscles have to work hard to hold it up, and your neck’s normal healthy curve is being reduced or reversed. That normal curve is designed to hold the head over the shoulders. If your kid has bad posture then that curve will suffer and neck pain and headaches will result.

I’m in my 30’s. I didn’t grow up with a phone. I used a computer a little bit, but not all day like today’s kids. This generation is going to be the first generation that has a degenerative spinal repetitive stress injury – a major postural nightmare – from technology. While all this tech is great and fun and we can all Twitter and Instagram and all that stuff, our physical reality is suffering. Sure, the virtual reality our kids live in may be tons of fun, but the real reality with physical consequences is still here and the phone/computer posture will need to be reckoned with at some point. The earlier the better! Not to sound apocalyptic or sensational, but there is no doubt that the long-term consequences of prolonged forward head posture will cause havoc in the head and neck, with headaches and shoulder pain becoming chronic and intractable.

Don't let your kid's head turn into Bieber posture
Justin Bieber’s head posture – don’t let this happen to your kid!

Educate your kid about proper posture, about not being on the phone or computer too much, and about corrective exercises and about the signs of a developing problem. Some signs include:

  • headaches
  • pain at the base of the skull
  • shoulder pain
  • pain around and behind the eyes
  • pain, numbness or tingling in the arms or hands
  • forward head posture

To check your kids posture, try one of two things:

  1. Have then stand with their back to the wall. Is the head against the wall? If it’s more than an inch off the wall, then it’s too far forward. Don’t explain what you are doing, just ask them to stand against the wall.
  2. Just observe them while on the phone or computer – if the hole in the ear is more than an inch or so forward of the bump at the tip of the shoulder, then it’s too far forward.

Questions or comments, just call the office!

Car Accident Treatment at Frederick Chiropractic Office

We don’t do a whole lot of advertising of the fact that we routinely treat victims of car accidents or other types of motor vehicle injuries. Unfortunately, though, for someone who has been in a car accident…the pain can be nagging, debilitating, and can last for weeks or months. If untreated, the problem can become chronic and end up bothering you for a lifetime.

The human spine is an amazing thing, made up of DOZENS of joints, DOZENS of muscles, DOZENS of ligaments, and therefore there is a lot that can go wrong.

Looking at a car accident like a physics problem can be informative:
If you are in a car accident and one of the cars weighed 2 tons (a reasonable gueess) and was traveling at 20pmh upon impact, then the vehicles have a lot of “kinetic energy” that has to be dispersed. When a 4,000lb object collides with another large object, speed and weight combine to create a lot of energy. If you are in a vehicle then your body is our going to be exposed to some of that energy. When two cars collide then it is a second (or a FRACTION of a second) in which that energy is passed through the vehicle. As an occupant, some of that will be hitting you. No matter how much you see it coming and brace for impact, your body can absorb only so much energy before something fails. Maybe a seat belt will bruise your chest or break a rib? Maybe your neck will snap back and forth quickly, causing “whiplash”? Maybe your knee will slam into the dashboard? Maybe you will have micro tears in the muscles and ligaments of the head and neck? Many painful things can happen. In the physics equation where a huge heavy machine strikes another huge heavy machine, the occupant is the weakest link. If you were injured, that’s why.

So, long story short: if you were hurt in an accident (even if you feel like you are barely hurt), then it’s a good idea to get checked out at our office. We may order x-rays or MRI’s, but we will be able to tell if you need to be treated or not. The sooner you deal with whiplash or another type of collision injury, the better.

Car Accident Doctor Frederick Md

Looking for a Chiropractic Groupon Coupon?

frederick groupon chiropractorYou won’t find one here, sorry! This is why:

This chiropractic office won’t be participating with Groupon and running any crazy discounts. We have nothing against Groupon as a business, but Park Bench Chiropractic has no use for that type of sale. We get enough new clients by simply treating the existing clients well.

Here’s what happens with Groupon or other huge discounts:

If you go to a chiropractor and you pay something like $20, that means the chiropractor has an 80%+ discount to the first visit cost which is usually at least $100. And of the $20 collected half of it has to go to Groupon for supplying the business. The chiropractor is in all likelihood not making enough to break even. In other words, the chiropractor is losing money in this situation and the only real value is acquiring a new prospective client and recouping the cost down the line.

At this point the problem is that in order to make money the chiropractor needs to see the patient for a certain number of full-price visits after this heavily-discounted initial visit. This puts the squeeze on the doctor, and that type of pressure invariably will lead straight to too many office visits (possibly in the form of a care plan agreement).

At our office we don’t want to deal with that type of pressure on us or on our clients so we don’t do discounts like that.

Chiropractors who do offer these discounts may very well be excellent doctors and impeccable business-people who will treat you perfectly and whom operate their practices with integrity, but personally we do not offer these discounts because we already offer very competitive rates. We also do not feel that pricing ourselves so low does much other than devalue what we offer and confuse clients.

Ask us about our cash payment discounts, or our discounted -or free- care for Iraq & Afghanistan veterans or other military. Since we opened our doors in 2010 we have provided many thousands of dollars of complimentary chiropractic care to dozens of Iraq & Afghanistan veterans.